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GDR Normal Series 1953 - 1990 (Later Plates until 1975)

Later plates until 1975

Until 1975 plates for cars had the standard format 430 x 110 mm. Rear plates for trucks were 325 x 200 mm and for motorcycles 220 x 125 mm both with cut-off upper corners. Most times the number was printed and the base plate made of iron sheet, but there are also several other styles known. In the following some examples from my collection:

Car plates:

 D = District of Potsdam
 red plastic seal 1969 - 73

 X = District of Karl-Marx-City (=Chemnitz)
green plastic seal 1973 - 75
hand painted

 S = District of Leipzig
blue plastic seal 1975 - 80
base plate made of plastic
As far as I know these plates have been imported from Hungary for a short time

H = District of Magdeburg
blue plastic seal 1975 - 80
base plate made from plastic
letter and serial numbers from plastic glued on the base plate

Rear truck plate:

 L = District of Erfurt
 green plastic seal 1973 - 75

Motorcycle plate:

T = District of Karl-Marx-City


 R = District of Dresden


         C = District of Neubrandenburg

T = District of Karl-Marx-City (Chemnitz)


 yellow plastic seal 1963 - 68

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