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Collectors Meeting


The annual meeting of AKS (German collectors club)

At October 7, 2001 the annual collectors meeting of AKS was again in Bad Camberg. As in the years before many collectors came to the meeting. Beside the German members there were collectors seen from Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Poland.

In the following I show some pictures from the meeting.

Some collectors searching in trade boxes.

The three award winning AKS - members in front of the first price display. From left: Ralf Hegewald (Oyten / Germany; Display: Icland; 1. place), Daniel Hediger (Switzerland; Display: US-Graphik-Plates Pets and Children; 3. place), Detlev Riemann (Ritterhude/Germany; Display: Plates talk many languages; 2.place)


      The display of Detlev Riemann "Plates talking many languages"

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