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Since the United Nations Organization has been founded it was one of their most important issues to improve peace in the world. Because of this the UN tried to negotiate for peace in an uncounted number of wars since 1949. In a lot of these cases an observation or peacekeeping force was necessary to observe the ceasefire or the peace agreement. Sometimes UN troops occupied a neutral zone between the parties (e.g. Golan-Heights UNDOF, Sinai UNEF and MFO or in Southern Lebanon UNIFIL).

In other conflicts the UN tried to make peace, e.g. in Cambodia (UNAMIC and UNTAC) or in Somalia (UNOSOM).

Beside this the UN often observs elections after a peace process (Verification Missions), e.g. in Namibia (UNTAG). Meanwhile there are also other organisations active in international missions as NATO (e. g. SFOR or KFOR), the European Union (e. g. EUFOR or EULEX) and the OSCE.

For additional information you can see a comprehensive list of UN missions around the world listed country by country.

UN mission plates which I have in my collection you can find here (UN plate photos).

If you're interested in further information regarding UN peacekeeping see my link list.


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