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GDR Normal Series 1953 - 1990

Early Plates:

This system was introduced in the year 1953 (codelist you find here). In the first years most plates were homemade and from different materials. The standard format was 430 x 110 mm but many early plates had different formats. Some examples of the first years:

R = District of Dresden
Format 405 x 135 mm
made of sheet iron

R = District of Dresden
Format 380 x 125 mm
made of sheet iron
handgemalt / hand painted

L = District of Erfurt
Format 430 x 160 mm
Aluminum, embossed edge
gedruckt / printed

X = District of Karl-Marx-City (=Chemnitz)
Format 400 x 135 mm
embossed number
yellow plastic seal 1963-68

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