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 Since 1968 members of ADMV (GDR Motor Sports Association = Allgemeiner Deutscher Motorsport Verband e.V.) were able to apply for a special registration for vintage cars until modelyear 1960 directly with ADMV. With this registration these cars could take part in rallyes and conventions. They were also allowed to do test drives. They did not need an other official registration or a normal registration plate. Insurance was also included. The vehicles were tax free.

The plates were always homemade. Only colour and format were given. The format was 150 x 210 mm. The base plate was black with white numbers in the upper part. In the lower part the ADMV-emblem and the official state abreviation DDR has to be shown.

The vehicle types  were were clasified in eight classes. The first digit shows the class. The others digits were a running number.

              The vehicle classes:

              1 = motorcycles up to 5 h.p., modelyear up to 1930
              2 = motorcycles up to 12 h.p., modelyear up to 1930
              3 = motorcycles over 12 h.p., modelyear up to 1930
              4 = cars up to 20 h.p., modelyear up to 1930
              5 = cars over 20 h.p., modelyear up to 1930
              6 = commercial vehicles
              7 = motorcycles, modelyears 1931 to 1960
              8 = cars, modelyears 1931 to 1960

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