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Official vehicles

Federal Frontier Police / Federal Police

A few examples for the BG = Federal Frontier Police / Bundesgrenzschutz. ; 18=cars, 28=vans; 42=trucks up to 6t

The Federal Frontier Police used the code BG from 1956 to 2006. After that, the name was already changed into Federal Police / Bundespolizei, they started to reissue the old code BP (former used by the Federal Post, see below).

Federal Postal Service


BP = Deutsche Bundespost / Federal Postal Service, 84 = truck from telephone section

Extra Code for the Postal Service was in use from 1956 to 1997;

From 2006 on it was reissued for the Federal Police / Bundespolizei former BG = Frontier Police / Bundesgrenzschutz.

Federal Railway


DB = Deutsche Bundesbahn / Federal Railway, 31 = transport vehicle > 1 t


DB = Deutsche Bundesbahn / Federal Railway, 99 = other working vehicles

Federal Waterway Services


BW = Bundeswasserstrassenverwaltung / Federal waterroute services, 2 = Office in Aurich


















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