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DIN - Series since 1956

Normal series


DH = County / Lankreis Diepholz (Lower Saxony), self adhesive seals


VER = County / Landkreis Verden / Aller (Lower Saxony), thick plastic seals

Tax free vehicles

Vehicles free of tax use green on white plates. These are normally farm vehicles and vehicles from special organisations (e. g. Red Cross) or trailers for which the tax is paid for the towing truck.


HH = Hansestadt Hamburg, self adhesive seals


A typical rear plate from a farm tractor; BRV = County / Landkreis Bremervörde (in Lower Saxony) a former code which is not anymore issued since 1978, today BRV is a part of County / Landkreis Rotenburg / Wümme (=ROW)

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