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A sample of a trade plate in the old DIN-Format. It was issued for transfers. Private people could use these plates and had the possibility to take such a plate from the registry for a few days. For this type the code =04 is in use. The plate shown here is from the county of Mettmann (=ME) in Northrhine-Westfalia.

A really rare issue from the EURO-series with 04 (first time of issue was 1994). (MEI=Meißen)

In 1998 the red 04 was replaced by a short term plate which you can see here. The number still begins with 04. The validation date is in the yellow band. These plates have a maximum validation of 5 days. There are blue seals of the license plate office in use. (GER=Landkreis Germersheim)


Another one from this series. This one is from the permanent dealer series (code 06). It shows clearly the use of a car dealer who used this plate on several car and neede a lot of bolt holes. The plate comes from Wittmund (=WTM) from Lower-Saxony.


Here you can see a permanent dealer plate from the new EURO-Series which was introduced in January 1995. The plate shown here is from the city of Bremen (=HB).

The code number 07 is permanently issued to historic vehicles which have no permanent license.


FN=Friedrichshafen, 07=Oldtimer


FDS=Freudenstadt, 07=Oldtimer, US-Format


PLÖ=Plön, 07=Oldtimer, new EURO-Format

Export Plates:


A typical plate from the old export plate series. This plate is in the historical oval shape which was already in use during the time of the "Deutsches Reich" before 1945. All these plates in the Federal Republic of Germany carry a seal with the text "Bundesfinanzverwaltung - D -" and the national eagle. This series was in use from 1948 to 1988. The first three digits show the customs office which issued the plate. 354 stands for the customs office in Hamburg-Waltershof.


This plate is a real rarity because it was issued in West-Berlin. Because of this it carries a special seal with the shield of Berlin including the city's symbol a brown bear and the text " Hauptzollamt(= main customs office) Berlin-Packhof".


Since 1989 export plate are issued by the local registries. Now the normal DIN-Format was in use. Because of this the plates now show the code letters of the county. On the right side in the red band the expiry date (year and month) is shown. A red seal of the county was used (HH= Hansestadt Hamburg)

Here the newest issue with letters and numbers from the EURO-series and complete validation date (PB=Paderborn).


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