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American Zone 1948 - 1956

1948 - 1953 Western Occupation Zones (second and equalized system for all zones)

American Occupation Zone


AB = American Zone Bavaria, 23 = Landkreis (=County) Altötting


AB = American Zone Bavaria, 474 = Landkreis (=County) Straubing


AB = American Zone Bavaria, 55 = Stadt (=City) München
probably rear motorcycle plate


AB = American Zone Bavaria, 950 = Landkreis (=County) Rothenburg ob der Tauber
probably rear motorcycle plate


B = Bavaria, 53 = Stadt (=City) München
probably rear motorcycle plate, late issue when AB was replaced by B because the serial numbers where running out in some counties.


B = Bavaria, 34 = Fürstenfeldbruck
late issue when AB was replaced by B because the serial numbers where running out in some counties.


AE = American Enclave (= State of Bremen), 21 = Stadt (= City) Bremen

The State of Bremen was first occupied by the British troops. The American troops took over the state which is formed by the cities Bremen and Bremerhaven to use their ports for the supply of their troops. This part of the American zone was fully sorounded by the British zone, here Lower-Saxony, the Americans named this part of their zone "enclave". And on the other hand AB was already in use for Bavaria.

The AE coded plates were introduced from April 5, 1948. The old BM-plates (black on orange) had to be given back to the authorities.


AH = American Zone Hessen, 82 = Landkreis (=County) Groß-Gerau

This issue is again one from the first year of issue 1948:


AH = American Zone Hessen, 61 = Landkreis (=County) Wetzlar

Unusual style: flat aluminun black painted and then the code is milled out.

AH = American Zone Hessen, 84 = Landkreis (=County) Offenbach / Main

Plate with plastic seal in very good condition with the text  "Der Landrat des Landkreises Offenbach a. M.".


AW = American Zone Württemberg, 12 = Stadt (=City) Stuttgart
Early issue from 1948.


W = American Zone Württemberg, 49 = Landkreis (=County) Nürtingen
Late issue


W = American Zone Württemberg, 82 = Landkreis (=County) Ludwigsburg
probably rear motorcycle plate

Thick plastic seal with the text  "Landratsamt Ludwigsburg"


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